31 Days | Day 2: Start Digging

Signature Style

Yesterday I introduced a project whose purpose I hold near and dear: challenging strong, generous women to carve out time for themselves and engage in the process of actively learning, understanding, and honoring the many facets of who we are.

I anticipate the scope of this project will reach far beyond 31 days, so this month we’ll start with a sampling of prompts to get your feet wet and your creative juices flowing. Each prompt will fall into one of six areas: Style and Aesthetics, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Core Values, Life’s Work & Productivity, and Lifestyle.

On that note, what better time to begin? Grab that gorgeous notebook, cozy up somewhere comfortable, take a deep breath… and let’s dive in.

Prompt #1: What are the elements of your Signature Style?

It might feel broad, but I’d invite you to use this question to start dissecting and teasing out the textures, colors, materials, details, and qualities that speak to you and that make you feel like you. Think of the things you’re naturally drawn to. Those pieces in your closet you love and keep coming back to. The fabrics and decor in your home that make the space feel like yours. The embellishments that take a room or outfit from generic to ‘SO you!’ Do you notice any themes or patterns that keep showing up?

Your task for now: write down any and all words and phrases that come to mind. Don’t worry about self-editing, wrong answers, or keeping it neat. Don’t stress out about which ones you’re forgetting. Just. start. writing. You’ll have time to hone your list and make it pretty later.

Mining though the layers of who we are for answers to these questions is a process that takes some time and focus… so I won’t ask you to rush. In fact, I like to take a couple of days to add, scratch out, highlight, circle, and refine my list. I’ve even divided my notebook in half, so I can use the back half to brainstorm freely and messily – chicken scratch and all – while saving the front half for ‘prettier’ lists that eventually feel a little more complete and calming to look at. (I’m a little crazy like that. #notsorry)

So, let’s get to it! Start brainstorming, even if it’s just for 10 minutes today, and don’t forget to check back in tomorrow so we can keep on going. Remember, this project is about the dig and not about producing a perfect final product. Allow this time with yourself to be revealing, stimulating, and calming – you deserve it.

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