Feel Good Friday | Happy 2014 + The Power to Choose

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Well, it’s no secret: I haven’t been here in a while.

As I racked my brain for excuses to justify my absence, I was relieved when I landed on the one most obvious reason the blog has been neglected – namely because it’s a reason that sits well with me: I’ve been choosing relationships. Taking some time to put people ahead of writing, opt for a girls’ night and some quality catch-up time instead of staying up until midnight cranking out a half-hearted post. I’ve been consistently choosing to do what I needed to do for myself, rather than what I “felt like I should” do for the sake of the blog.

Don’t get me wrong, P&O is something I’m still so, so excited about and this is NOT my way of saying it’s a low priority. Quite the opposite, actually. I spent a lot of time around the holidays thinking about how I can really dive back into blogging in 2014, in a meaningful and sustainable way. I’ve given real thought to exactly what it is I want to do here, and I what I want to be offering you here that is of value to you, that you can’t find anywhere else… and I’m really excited about some of these ideas. (More on that later!)

However, in the spirit of sharing and honesty, the last few months have been very personally trying. In November, I ended the relationship I’d been in for over four years – my first real, meaningful, grown-up relationship – and with that comes the need for pause, repair, and reflection. I’m comfortable saying to you that I’ve been absent here because I’ve been busy taking care of myself and nurturing the relationships in my life that have gone a little too neglected for a little too long, with people who were by my side offering love and support faster than I could ask for it.

If there’s one little nugget of wisdom I’m taking away from this situation, it’s this: Choice is a powerful, empowering thing. Choosing to change course and pursue the life we want for ourselves, even when that choice seems incredibly difficult. Choosing to take a break from to do lists to focus on friends. Choosing which habits to keep, and which ones to kick. Choosing happiness.

With all that’s happening and with all that I’ve learned, 2014 will be the year I embrace – and celebrate! – what it means to have the power to choose what I want my life to look like. 

I’ll ask you to bear with me as I continue to get my thoughts together and rethink the direction of my content here over the next few days (weeks?), but I hope to start some further dialogue here about substantive, thought-provoking topics like resolutions, goals, change, identity, happiness, and choice very soon!

Is your 2014 off to a good start? What are some of your goals or mantras for the year?

Thanks for your patience, and know that I’m so glad you’re here!

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  1. Hey! I was just thinking about you this past week and wondering what you were up to.
    It’s good that you’ve been taking care of your in-real-life relationships incl. yourself. Taking time to just be you. And you’ll know when you have something to share here…Just be you… And it will be unique. And we’ll be blessed:)

  2. Been There, No, Really says:

    Good for you! Choosing happiness is not always easy, ironically enough. I hope that 2014 will be full of wonderful new horizons for you. :)

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