Feel Good Friday | Imperfections Are Not Inadequacies

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This week did not feel perfect.

I missed a Wednesday post, and I felt like a let down. I felt chronically behind at work, like I could never catch up. I didn’t get things done that I’d planned to, which made me feel defeated.

But this is Feel Good Friday, dammit. And on Feel Good Friday, we cling to the silver lining.

To quote Brené Brown, a lady I admire endlessly, “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” How simple and comforting is that?

An imperfect week means I’m human, and I’ve alive. And you know? That ain’t so bad. So with that, I resolve not to wallow this weekend, and not to dwell on the things I didn’t or couldn’t or wish I had. I think instead, I’ll ride the wave of inspiration I felt earlier this week and see where it takes me. (As a side note, I may have found a space I can use for free, to treat myself to some dance and choreographic freedom on the regular! Huzzah!)

Have a very happy and imperfect weekend, friends!

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  1. you always have next week to be a little more perfect, I’m glad u found a place to dance ;)

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