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You know what makes me feel inspired, in control, and extra motivated? LISTS. I’m not talkin’ grocery lists and Target lists (though I’m not knocking them either!) – rather, the kind of lists that prompt us to know ourselves better. The list that comes right after that moment when I can no longer handle the disarray of scattered thoughts swirling around upstairs. When I recognize I’m feeling scattered, and I treat myself to a break, in order to get it all on paper.

Depending on the subject matter, I often find that the act of putting pen to paper has a way of putting things in perspective. Lists force us to get specific, to think big, to think, to focus, and often times, they reveal things we don’t expect.

The internet has proven I’m not alone on this one. Here are just a few of my fellow list-makers doing what they do, asking themselves big questions, and inspiring me to do the same:

  • The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal is pure introspection gold. Sadly, the project is on a bit of a hiatus right now, but there are more than enough prompts to get you started.
  • I love Kathleen at Braid Creative & Consulting‘s reminder to aspiring creatives that, “If you can’t identify what your day of empowering and inspiring actually looks like, in very specific detail, than you’re setting yourself up for failure.This awesome PDF helps creatives answer the question, “what do you want to be doing all day?”
  • Nesha at Betty Red Design on setting 14 goals to reach before 2014 – a lovely reminder of the importance (and excitement!) of personal goal-setting
  • Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere on 8 Things Every Woman Should Have, with the poignant commentary: “At first I felt like the questions trivialize what it means to be happy, overlooking larger concepts in favor of one’s favorite cocktail. But now I see that it’s more about knowing yourself; what you like, what you want.”

I definitely foresee some relaxing and list making in my future this weekend! How about you – what are you up to?

Happy weekend!

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  1. As a fellow list maker, I need the notebook on the picture.

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