Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Michaela DePrince


Oh hi there. Remember me?

I’m so sorry for that little MIA spurt there. To say the least, things around here have been turned on their head lately, and it’s amazing how tough it can be to keep the blogging constant when nothing else feels that way. Can you relate?

When things get crazy, I call my mom… and given that I’ve definitely fallen victim to The Overwhelm as of late, that’s exactly how I spent my Sunday night. (How do moms always know exactly what we need?!) So today, since it still feels a little like Hurricane Disarray up in here, I simply want to share with you the pearl of mama wisdom that’s carrying me through Monday:

Nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s a tough thing to know when to question the status quo, to rock the boat, to second guess… but even on the days we struggle to know what to do next or how to feel or if it’s time to take a leap, it’s strangely comforting to know that having the strength to ask the hard questions at all is something worth celebrating — even when we’re nowhere close to knowing all the answers.

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  1. when things went crazy… I call my mom, best thing u can do jejeejejej I do exactly the same ;)

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