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Madden Girl Umpiree Boots

Behold! Boot season is upon us.

DC finally got the memo – leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and sundresses across the land are being shoved back into attics where they belong. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against summer. In fact, I’m a huge fan of BBQs, warm evenings, and pretending I’m capable of tanning. But I hit my humidity capacity a few weeks ago (said the Los Angeles native) and I’ve been pining for grab an oversized sweater/turn on the heater/mull some wine weather.

It’s embarrassingly novel to suddenly live in a place where you can grab a coat and throw on some boots without feeling like you’re faking it. I dare you to try and wear even the cutest of peacoats in the brutal San Diego temps without losing some respect for yourself.

My inner bargain shopper was tickled to score these Madden Girl beauties (pictured above) for an absolute steal on eBay recently, just in time for fall. Ever since, I’ve been methodically looking for inspiration when it comes to fun, versatile ways to style them. This was mainly a project to get the creative style juices flowing – would I love to swipe that plastic and buy just about everything pictured below? Mm, yes. But life on a budget means that instead, I’ll be using this as inspiration to dig through my closet, and find new uses for old items.

As I just explained to the Manfriend (as he stared at me blankly while I put together the board below), this is my version of his favorite challenge: cleaning out the fridge… hear me out. To avoid having to go out and buy all kinds of new things, the challenge is to combine things I already have in creative ways, and see what surprising combinations I can come up with. (Except clearly, this is way more fun than fridge cleaning, amIright?)

So without further ado, my new Madden boots, three ways:

Boot Style Board

Outfit #1: earrings/dress/belt/watch
Outfit #2: scarf/sweater/leggings
Outfit #3: necklace/dress/belt

Have you found other fun ways to style boots in the fall? What are your go-to pieces this time of year, and how do you style them for different occasions?

*Just a note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. Steve Madden has absolutely no idea who I am – but that won’t stop me from proclaiming my love for his shoes.


  1. loving that boot!

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